Learn How Spectranet Profitably Generated 2704 Leads Selling Mi-Fi Modems


Spectranet Nigeria Limited is the number one Internet service provider of 4G LTE Internet service in Nigeria. Their service is predominantly available in four different locations; Lagos, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt and Abuja.


To create a profitable lead funnel for Mi-Fi customers that needs 4G LTE Internet service

With rising Facebook/AdWords advertising costs, Spectranet was looking for an affordable and scalable way to acquire leads and customers for their 4G LTE Service.


Spectranet created 3 sample offers using Facebook Lead generation as the primary source of traffic and lead generation:

  • Freedom MIFI for N16000 +15GB
  • Get ZOOM CPE Devices for 25gb @ N10000
  • Get Pebble MIFI for N20000 + 30GB

The offers were advertised on Facebook @ $1.90/Lead acquisition cost.

After a lead opted in, they were followed up with a sales call by the sales team that same day, also the URL was redirected to a product purchase information page.


We tested lots of different ads and targeting to bring the costs down


Spectranet used one kind of lead form, restricting the fields to very little information to encourage sign-ups. By advertising using Facebook Lead ad forms, we were able to drive down the Lead costs from $10 per lead to $1.9 per lead.


Leads were sent to sales team that followed up with clients with upsells like extra data packages and different promotions that they could tie into.


Spectranet Used Facebook Lead generation to profitably generate over 2700 leads.


Leads generated

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