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Imagine that I am a very wealthy employee of a very prestigious Nigerian Bank, I am paid extremely well and I have a very wonderful salary plus bonus package and I am your best friend.

But as of late, I keep talking about an idea of mine that I want to launch out, I’m extremely interested in fashion and I want to start an online fashion store where I can sell my clothing.

I love my job, and I don’t want to quit the wonderful security I have, but I would like to open up something less stressful where I can be making money on the side.

Can you help me out, dear friend?

I have had these scenarios play out to me, countless times, almost every time I meet my friends for drinks, or just catch up with old colleagues, there’s always this exciting idea they have, that they want to launch out.

Fortunately for me, I have built up my skills to be able to offer value to some of them who had the capacity to launch out and create a business.

That value is content marketing.

Because every business needs sales and growth, especially in the beginning. If a start-up does not generate leads and sales, their business has no customer and they are not in business.

There are lots of benefits to learning content marketing, from working in various companies as a social media consultant to owning your own agency and selling your products and personal brand online, the advantages are numerous.

But the greatest advantage for me, since 2016 was simply my ability to be valuable to anyone I come across, I can’t remember the last time I went for an interview with a client or Job referral and I didn’t get an offer, When you know your value, you know.

Case in point, I was talking recently with a church colleague in the same department and he tells me he is a politician. This guy is barely 35 years old and he’s running for something (I think local government chairman), so here I was thinking just how young this guy is to be a politician and he asks me what I do, well I tell I’m a content marketer, and just like that, he starts to share videos and flyer presentation ideas he would like to promote online, he’s looking to build an online campaign database of his local government area.

I’d worked with numerous kinds of people in various industries, but I never thought I’d work with a politician.

“As long as I’m in company of people who have ideas and are looking to start companies or they are looking for ways to promote their ideas, I will always be valuable, because I might have a solution or two to help promote their business online, and everyone wants sales and customers to grow their businesses.”

The greatest gift I got from content marketing is that I am always valuable in a world that has gone fully digital and I would like to pass on this value in my upcoming Content Marketing Network Course and show you how to approach every conversation with a client, customer, friends, family, and some of your enemies, every interview and Job opportunity with a solution called content marketing.

The 3 Day Content Marketing Network Course is a 10 participant practical class training that comes up on the 18th, 22nd and 25th of August, 2018 from 10 am – 4 pm.

Venue - Alausa

Here’s what you would be learning at the Training


Content Marketing and Distribution Network Course



  • Learn the most important thing you need to know to make a website profitable
  • Learn the method of creating copy ads that sell across various products and services
  • Learn to create benefit lists that speak to the inner desire of prospects
  • Learn how to create product descriptions that build anticipation
  • Learn how to create an irresistible offer
  • Learn the foundational blueprint of copy and the art of storytelling broken down to a scientific formula.



  • Setting up your international workstations for jobs and global payments
  • How to approach each international client job offer you apply for with higher % of a successful hire.
  • How to build your personal team of content freelance writers and where to hire from.
  • How to cost your operation and negotiate with clients to weed out job scammers
  • Learn how to build a productive local content marketing team with app technology



  • How to set up your advertising account on social media
  • Get a crash course on how to target your customers on social media in every state and country.
  • Learn the secrets of Ad budgeting for cost control measures in social media
  • Learn the mathematics behind lead generation that will give you the confidence to step up to any client you want to meet, whether its Dangote Plc. or The Brick and Mortar shop next door.


A simple trick like the mathematics behind lead generation, which we devote a WHOLE day to tackling in the course is a powerful weapon very few people know about. It was this weapon I used to create a campaign that was making N7 profit for every N2 of marketing for my client and it didn’t take me anything more than 1 hour’s work every day.

  • You can use this mathematics to start a campaign to raise funds
  • You can use this mathematics to get companies to look at your CV (if that’s what you want)
  • You can use this mathematics to get customers for your product or service
  • You can use this mathematics to sell other people’s products or services
  • You can use this mathematics to help your church, mosque, NGO to promote their programs
  • You can use this mathematics to find your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, bae etc.
  • You can use this mathematics to promote your candidate for election or get employed by politicians

Once you understand the science behind Lead Generation you would forever be in control of your destiny, you would have the joker that every business needs and, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE VALUABLE.

You might be wondering, what the training cost is.

  • To be fair, if we were to put a cost on the skill of creating ads that incite action and communicate product value, it would be priceless. Companies today pay well over N200, 000 per month for a skilled copywriting consultant who can create articles that are SEO optimized and product ads that sell. Five clients a month, puts your income level at N1, 000, 000
  • And then we add the secret sauce of Social media lead generation, a skill that every business needs, companies pay well over N300, 000 for a lead generation expert to consult for them, why stop at one company, you can consult for different companies all over Nigeria. Three clients a month puts you at about N900, 000 monthly income.
  • In the class, you would learn the swagger behind approaching your dream companies, your network, your friends, etc. with the mathematics of Facebook lead generation and signing them up as clients, with a simple practical approach.
  • Now Imagine combining all these skills together, your earning potential in a month as just skyrocketed… you have just become a dangerous somebody 🙂


Because you are much smarter and intelligent than me, I’m sure you must have noticed that all these figures are in Naira, so we are just talking about the Nigerian market.

What about the opportunity of earning dollars with these skillsets and getting clients from abroad?

Some of these positions pay between $500 - $1000 per month… Just for one client.





Why limit yourself to just Nigeria, content marketing is something you can do from anywhere and anytime, all you need is a laptop, the internet, the drive and the knowledge.

Imagine being able to reach clients from regional markets in Africa, European markets and American markets in your left hand and local Nigerian clients across the 36 states in your right hand.

Put your hands together… Can you see the possibility and potential?

This does not scratch the surface of what is achievable once you attend this training, your head will be swimming fully with overflowing actionable steps to take to increase your income level.

“The difference between where you are and where you want to be is the amount of work you are willing to put in because I’ll be giving you the master blueprint to be successful as a content writer.”

  • Prior to 2016, before I learned content marketing:
  • I was bored out of mind working as an accountant in an agricultural firm
  • I was always paid the same salary
  • I was tired of waiting for a promotion at work that never came
  • I was tired of kissing my bosses A**
  • I was tired of trying different side businesses and failing miserably
  • I was tired of being broke before month end
  • I was tired of totally depending on my salary
  • Most importantly, I was tired of living on less than my true potential

Then I attended I attended A Digital marketing training in 2016 and since then I have created multiple product ads, marketing campaigns and email newsletter campaigns

And the strategy which I used to gain these would be handed over to you.

I’ve also had a wonderful career as a content marketing consultant to top Nigerian brands working at a Digital marketing agency, brands such as Spectranet Nigeria Limited, Skillan.com and so much more.

Internationally I’ve worked with clients in Netherlands, UK, United States and I’m still expanding my reach.



You will also get to use some of my invoice templates and workflow.

My goal is to deposit the knowledge into you with a drive and confidence, your job is to take that drive and knowledge multiply it till you become a zillionaire.

Don’t limit yourself, get started today by reserving your spot.

And how much will all of these cost you?

If we add the total value of what you are getting:

It is well over N3, 000, 000 worth of opportunity but these training only costs:

Not N3M

Not even 1M

Not even 500k

Nope, not 100k






Just N90, 000

That’s’ right! For N90, 000 you get access to all of this information, but that’s not all.

You also get access to some additional resources like:

  • The Ultimate Guide to WhatsApp marketing: In this guide, you would get insider access to:
  • The secret of creating campaigns that bring you closer to your desired customer than any other platform and why you cannot achieve this in Nigeria without WhatsApp.
  • The process of incentivizing your customer to take actions that your competition is too scared to ask for through WhatsApp.
  • Learn why your customers are craving for a more personal connection with you and how to build this relationship further with WhatsApp Business.
  • My personal collection of 50 unstoppable ads written by Advertising legends. This list is a combination of legendary adverts that are worth Gold on their own.
  • Course slides for every topic covered in the training, showcasing detailed points that I may have glossed over during the session.


You’re probably wondering, Why is the class so cheap after all the value and resources you get?

It is affordable for two reasons:

  1. I want to get this message across to as many people as possible within this limited time (the price of the class will go up from subsequent months)
  2. We have tested different price points in the past and N90, 000 seems to work best for people

In fact! Just because you asked this question, I have put in a bonus material report on “How to determine price points for your products and services” if you sign up for the course today you get a copy.

There are many trainings that people go for in Nigeria where you don’t have the opportunity to recoup your money back, my best friend went for training recently on “How to reset your mind for success” and paid N520, 000, seriously. But this is one of the few trainings where the opportunity to recoup your money back and make way more than you invested is out there for you to grab.

If you have read to this point, you have to reserve your space for the next training coming up on the 18th, 22nd and 25th of August 2018 from 10 am – 4 pm

Venue - Alausa

You have to hurry because as of now, we only have 3 spaces left.

Verily, So many people have pleaded with me in the past to increase the class size to 20, but I refuse to do so, I prefer just ten students because then I can give utmost attention to your questions and your needs without the class being too rowdy.

The downside of this is that it takes no time before the seats are filled up. Don’t let another person grab your spot. The decision is yours today. Reserve your seat, call Damola on 08184308535.