Digital Marketing Trend and Importance over Nigerian Career Growth Prospects

Today, Companies adopt digital marketing as their primary source of advertising, marketing and relationship building with customers.


Traditional marketing methods are beginning to fade out of the equation.

In the past, to advertise to a customer living in a different city costs a lot of money, but today advertising has gone global with no barriers, simply by the click of a button.


In this article we are going to explore the career prospects of digital marketing and discuss topics like:


  • Why digital marketers are always in demand
  • Newer digital positions and career options available
  • Higher pay and better work benefits digital marketers enjoy
  • Kickstarting a career as a digital marketer with no prior experience
  • The flexibility in work hours of a digital marketer
  • Working with a digital agency


Companies are looking for better ways to communicate with their customers, and every day new communication channels are being developed. The toolset for marketing has changed over the last decade and digital marketing is responsible for this evolution.


Big Tech companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have made it very possible to build a thriving career as a digital marketer.

Even smaller brands are spending a lot of money on digital marketing professionals, hiring SEO experts, PPC campaign specialists, Facebook ad managers, Social media marketers to handle their online advertising campaigns

Some of the benefits to look out for are increased salary pay, better career opportunities, bigger budgets on advertisements and so much more to expect in 2018 and beyond for digital marketers.

According to a research done by Brandwatch.com, as at April 2018, there are over 7 billion people living on this planet, 4 billion of this people use the internet and just over 3 billion of them have active social media accounts. As access to the internet increases so does consumption of digital information.

Brands are determined to follow consumers along this journey across multiple touch points using content as a driving force for connecting with consumers. This has led to an increase in employment of potential digital marketers that can execute such roles.


Career Growth Prospects in Digital Marketing

Here are a few reasons why Digital marketing is becoming the frontier of a promising career line.



  • Digital Marketers are Always in Demand


According to Digital Marketing Institute, there would be over 150,000 new digital positions forecasted by 2020. There is a gap in this industry where demand exceeds supply and that gap continues to grow as more companies are stepping into technological innovations and they are not enough digital marketing professionals to satisfy this current demand.


Companies are continuously searching for digital marketing experts to handle their campaigns, most of the brands are unfamiliar with the territory.

According to mashable.com Digital marketing is one of the 8 most in-demand skills in 2018, Marketing automation, SEO, Social media marketing and Data analysis are some of the hottest skill sets that tech recruiters are looking for.


  • Newer Positions and Career Options



The big tech companies like google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and twitter keep creating new positions to be filled by digital professionals. Every week there’s always a new digital position that’s announced by these multinationals.

Digital marketing roles are growing every day, LinkedIn is set to double its staff growth and Microsoft is set to hire over 100 digital graduates.

It is a rare situation for professionals to be in, these digital marketers have the option of choosing from an array of digital marketing positions and actually decide which company, environment and culture work best for their career needs.



  • Higher Pay and Better Benefits



The demand for digital marketing professionals has exceeded supply. In any economic situation where the demand is greater than supply, the price of that item or service goes up because of scarcity.


According to a survey carried out by CranberryPanda.com, 68% of digital marketing professionals saw an increase in their salary in the last 12 months. These companies are also looking to hire again for other digital roles.


  • Start your own career



Digital marketing is a skill that doesn’t require a job before kickstarting a career. Most traditional career paths follow the same theme of waiting to get an internship before giving an opportunity to showcase talent.


But digital marketing is extremely different, there’s no need to wait till hired before building a portfolio. There are various opportunities to begin building a personal brand that companies take seriously.


Starting a blog is a great opportunity to showcase content writing and marketing skills, alongside ability to rank on search engines for relevant keywords.


Building a strong following on social media across LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and snapchat are other great examples.


There are numerous online examinations for digital marketing professionals like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook blueprint, hubspot inbound certification exam and so much more.

These are all tools to improve resume and connect with a potential client.


According to careerbuilder.com, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates, up from 11 percent in 2006.


  • Flexibility



There’s a lot of flexibility that comes with being a digital marketer because most of the work can be done remotely. The bulk of the job is executed on the internet, there is no need for a physical presence except when submitting reports or physical communication with a client is required.


The advertisements and marketing done for clients are executed on the web, these promotions are live 24/7 with little to zero interference so you can work from anywhere and still carry out your job requirements effectively.


  • Digital marketing Agency



There are numerous digital marketing agencies that provide digital marketing services to clients across various industries. Some agencies are a bit more specialized to a particular niche, while others have a general broad approach to onboarding clients.


Working in such an agency provides an insider’s view into how successful companies scale their operations, and gaining  better insight into marketing strategies, what they are doing right and what they are missing out on.




The demand for digital marketers keeps on growing and yet the knowledge that is available to begin exploring this industry is out there for anyone to take advantage of it. It is up to every digital marketer to upgrade their skills and to build a top level career.


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