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My friend’s business was in desperate trouble.

He just started an online financial consulting service, I loved the idea, there was a huge market and I was excited to hear about how he was doing… in regards to sales.


He was trying to sell his online service man to man, he had positioned about five of his employees in marketing and asked them to approach a certain amount of people each day and they all had a quota to achieve at the end of the month.

It was a hard road to climb, he had chosen the wrong marketing strategy, his employees were frustrated, he was making zero sales and it seemed like all hope was lost.

Then I asked him one crucial question.

“How many leads do you get in a month?”

He looked stunned, maybe he wanted sympathy…but I was on a mission… so I pushed further, rewording the question.

“If I was able to get 100 qualified people interested in your platform and they indicated interest by filling their details on a form for you to contact later, how many people can you convert from that 100 into actual customers”

He paused for a while, it was 10 seconds at most, but it felt like 10 minutes, he then responded… “20, I can convert 20 from the 100”

That means a 20% conversion rate, what if I got you 1000 leads?


We discussed further for half an hour… and that’s how I got my second client in August 2018.

But this message isn’t about Lead generation, there are thousands of marketers already doing that, this is more important… it is about conversion.

There is a simple formula that if you remember, will guarantee you success in all marketing endeavors:

Which is…

“Zero multiplied by 1billion is still zero”

If your business is not generating enough sales in a month, it’s not marketing tactics and strategies at fault *most times* you have to fix something fundamental.

It usually comes down to your sales message… Stay with me, I’m going somewhere.

Your sales message is the most important aspect of your marketing efforts.

Not traffic generation, not advertising funnels, not website development.

Your sales message is the most important aspect.

Tactics are meant to amplify whatever results you are getting.

You can have a great product, that has fantastic features and incredible value to the market place, but if your prospects can’t see themselves using your product and the results it creates, it just won’t gain enough traction.

Why is this important?

Because people don’t buy products, People buy results.

Think about it

You don’t buy a shoe because you want something to walk in, neither do you buy a watch to tell the time.

You don’t buy a Rolex because you need to tell the time, you buy a Rolex because of exclusivity, higher class and identity… i.e. the result it creates for you.

I’ll say it again.

People don’t buy products, they buy results.

Most businesses are not making sales because their overall content strategy is bent around selling products, investing in Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Traffic Generation to amplify products when you should be amplifying the results your product creates.

For example, I don’t buy Ralph Lauren because I need clothes to wear, I buy Ralph Lauren because … Confession coming up… I might just get the date with the cute girl in the choir when she sees me in one of those.

For the last time.

People do NOT buy products, they buy results

This is why zero multiplied by 1 billion is zero, if you don’t fix this issue, you’ll be stuck in a place where your conversion rates are depleting and you’re spending millions on marketing to keep up… but you can fix this…

  • Your website could be experiencing better conversion rates and more sales right now.
  • Your business could be generating way more leads right now
  • You could have more confidence to invest more money in advertising because your marketing is profitable
  • You could build a strong fan base that is tied to the results your product creates
  • You could build a strong brand that can outlive you or you can exit from with a brilliant sale.

I am really on a mission, to transform 100 businesses in the space of 12 months and to give your business a powerful identity.

Your competitors may steal your idea, they may steal your products, they may even copy your execution, but they’ll never be able to steal the brand that you created.

Your sales message is a VERY critical aspect of your business; you must get it right and get it working.

That’s why I created the 20 Business Network, which is an exclusive network of twenty *hungry for next-level success* business owners looking for that missing marketing angle that will transform your sales messages into money making machines.

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