Facebook or Instagram Expert: Does Your Nigerian Business Need a Social Media Manager

Social media has become an integral part of our lives and it is central to the construct of modern society, especially in Nigeria.


According to statista.com, the number of worldwide users who have active social media accounts is expected to reach 3.02 billion. That’s one-third of the earth’s population


90% of retail brands use at least two social media accounts, 80% of SME’s use at least one social platform to engage the online community.


Ninjaoutreach.com conducted a survey and reported that 68% of millennials get their news sources from Facebook and 24% of high school students get their news from Instagram.


These platforms have become the number one source of news and information for most millennials today, and a great way to build relationships and connect with a global audience.


Social media’s importance cannot be overemphasized, do businesses still require the services of a social media manager?


Some brands prefer to spread the tasks and responsibility of a social media manager across their team, this habit sometimes leads to unproductivity and can be burdensome to the employees.


But hiring the right social media manager is not as easy as it sounds, incompetence and lack of proficiency across multi-social channels are just some of the challenges hiring managers face, it’s important to get it right.


Do businesses still need a social media manager in 2018?


Keeping Tabs on the Trends


Social media managers are great at keeping up with digital trends and staying dedicated to producing social media content that businesses don’t have the time to create.


What Hashtag on Instagram is trending currently and would give the best exposure for creative content? Is the Facebook page built around the marketing objectives of your brand i.e. lead generation, sales or brand awareness? These are some of the questions that a social media manager is employed to tackle and provide solutions for.


They are responsible for understanding how the latest trending topics and tech applies to your the business, and they are able to make quicker and smarter decisions on social media that will generate more business success for you.


Consistency and Total Dedication

The beauty of having a social media manager is that they bring a sense of consistency and dedication to the brand’s social page.


They are fully dedicated to knowing a brand and how it relates to the social world. They have a higher stake in the success of a business on social media because their job is tied to its success.


Consistency is key because all social messages have a unique voice to them and each customer gets familiar with the way a brand communicates with them. But this voice can be lost when there are multiple people handling your social media page.


The way a brand interacts on LinkedIn should be consistent with the brand’s voice on YouTube, even when the contents and formats are different.


Manage and Track Campaigns

According to The Drum, Facebook has influenced fifty-two per cent of online and offline purchases for consumers in 2018. This portrays the importance of social media channels on the consumer journey to becoming a customer.


When a novice is put in this position, companies end up spending a lot more on unprofitable campaigns and they don’t experience enough growth to justify the spend. These companies end up frustrated with their social media marketing and pay no attention to it because they have the wrong person in the position.


Social media managers also setup advertising campaigns and Ad accounts, they manage budgets, Ad spend, they determine the channels to be used for ad placement and create the copy for the ads to be run, aside from this, they monitor and optimise ads to ensure that the campaign is profitable and has a positive ROI.


Building Brand Recognition and Authority


According to MarketingSherpa, 95% of online adults between the ages of 18 – 34 follow a brand using social media. This tells us that, people aren’t only searching for a business websites and review pages, when they search for a business, they want to view the business’s activities on social media.


Social Media Management is very important to this cause, a social media manager uses platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to build a company’s brand and communicates the value of the business to the audience in a way that builds trust and connects the company directly with its customers.


A business with a large following and strong recognition on social media will be viewed by customers as an authority in that field and a thought leader, this all leads to stronger brand loyalty and brand resonance.


It’s not all rosy when working with a social media manager, they are challenges and we want to explore them, here are some of the cons of hiring a social media manager:


No Industry knowledge


Social media managers that have little to no prior experience of a particular industry, can find it difficult to gaining a proper understanding of how the industry and business works and without such proper knowledge and foundation, it could lead to poor decisions made on the brand’s social media pages from content creation to engaging with the brands customers online.


Proficient at specific social channels


Social media managers that are proficient in maybe one or two social media channels can also be harmful to a business marketing efforts. It’s possible that a brand’s audience majorly on Twitch.Tv and a social media manager that’s only proficient on Instagram would not be able to tap into the relevant audience and such campaign would not have the required results.


Lack of Skill-set Depth


There are lots of social media managers that are only skilled at organic efforts and don’t know anything about advertising on social platforms or how to manage an ad budget. Companies would be missing out on a wide range of advertising opportunities.


They don’t come free


Social media managers are paid between $45000 – $55000 according to sproutsocial.com, depending on a company’s budget hiring a social media manager could be quite an expensive decision.


A company’s Brands voice is extremely important and must not be left in the hands of an inexperienced individual, although hiring a social media manager comes with its own challenges, it is a decision worth considering, the risk of losing customers to damaged online reputation and broken relationships can always avoided by hiring a social media expert for the job.


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