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Let me tell you a story

In February 2018, I found myself again in a broken state.

It wasn't the first time... but this time was different, I had just left a well-paying job and a flying career to run an agricultural business... and it crashed within 2 months.

In 2 months, I was broke, depressed out of mind and had no source of income, this was a business I had put in millions of naira over 5 years, lots of investment, time and effort and I got nothing out of it.

My mind was absolutely broken

It was a dark place, I had it my rock bottom and didn't know if I had the courage or the strength to climb out of the pit I found myself in.

But when a Man hits the deep ground, there's only one way to go but up, and I was determined to find that way up.

So I decided to try out freelancing, I was already good at copywriting and knew the basics and I thought why not, at least it's better than constantly blaming yourself and everyone around you.

Now... I don't consider freelancing a business nor a long-term strategy for anyone, but I do believe it is a great thing to do if you are in between jobs or you are looking for a way to make some extra income.

I registered on various freelancing websites and tried my luck.

First month... Nothing

Second Month... 2 Clients - $500

Third Month 4 Clients - $1200

Fourth Month 2 Clients - $1000

Yes... I'm very lazy, I'll rather have two paying clients at $1000 and service them well than get four clients to disturb me all day

All of a sudden, a lot of clients were responsive to applications, I began to realize that this wasn't luck, there was something to my process of applying for these gigs that made them very interested in my application, I wasn't just applying, but I was speaking directly to their need.

When other applicants were talking about their 5 years experience doing this and that, I was busy responding to the need of the client.

And my process is very simple and anyone with a skill can do this easily.

So I have put together some of my easy secrets together, which I'll be sharing with you for free for the first 1000 people to join my 8-day email series course.

If you're interested in learning how to get clients as a freelancer and earn between $500 - $1000, then you must join this course, I'll be sharing some powerful insights on how to go about getting clients from sites like upwork.com, freelancer.com, guru.com, freelancercareer.org and so much more.

Clients like this one below, who was already an existing customer paying $1000 per month but wanted me to come on board for commissions of over $4000.

And yet I turned him down because I am a lazy freak that loves his Sundays... and I'm doing okay.

This course is a powerful free 8- day class series that outlines my approach to copywriting and getting clients locally and abroad... and it is cost-free.

It's not all roses though, when you enroll, I'll walk you through the minefield of mistakes I made, like getting scammed over $1300 worth of work by one client who never paid, and I'll show you how to avoid these traps and how to put together your very own professional online business

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