GENERATING $500 – $1000 International Clients Using Freelancing

With No Website, No Portfolio, No Clients, No experience, No ratings Nothing, from Ground Zero straight to the Top.

Imagine a lifestyle of waking up every morning 5 am, extremely tired and stressed out.

But there’s no time to relax or even get some morning session in because rush hour is in 30 mins.

Third mainland bridge is about to be packed with other 1000’s of individuals all heading to the same direction.

But where are they heading?

They are on their way to beat something, to beat a deadline… the dreaded 8 am morning session at the office, if they arrive a minute later it’s trouble… and no one likes trouble.

Despite the struggle to get off the bed and into the shower and out the door by 5:30 am

The traffic awaits you there, how can people be awake at this time of the day?

Where are we all heading?

Sometimes you just wish you don’t have to get out so early…


Sometimes you just wish you don’t have to face the traffic

Sometimes you just wish you can replace your monthly income

Sometimes you just wish you could triple what you are earning right now

Sometimes you just wish you could never have to ask for handouts from some loser anymore

Sometimes you just wish you never had to rely on your monthly salary


Sometimes wishes come true

Imagine your monthly income actually becoming your tithe. You were earning N100, 000, and now you pay N100, 000 as tithe because you now earn N1,000,000 in a month.

Well you don’t have to imagine, because N1,000,000 is just about $3000.

Yep, $3000… that’s what a truck driver earns per month in the US.

The truth is, there’s an opportunity available right now that very few people are aware of.. neither are they taking advantage of it… and even worse, those that are aware are not doing anything reasonable about the opportunity.

They just don’t know how this system works.

But it’s not about them, this is about you…

So back to you

So the question for you is, what would an additional $200, $500 or $1000 do for you right now?

The truth is, there are numerous ways to earn dollars online, some of them are scam and some of them are credible.

But the reason why I chose to have a freelancing career servicing international clients was that I was leveraging on the one thing that gives me an advantage over everyone else… My Skill.

I leveraged on that skill to the point that I have clients in the US, UK and in the Netherlands, one client was willing to pay me over $5000 worth of commission in a month.

This could be your reality as well and that’s why I created this training, to get everyone who is interested in learning about this to know how to do it well… even from Nigeria.

In this training you would be learning:

  • How to build a routine process for a Job application that works, following my step by step process to victory.
  • How to create a winning portfolio from scratch that your prospecting clients cannot resist.
  • How to design an irresistible profile for the ideal client
  • How to build performing proposals that appeal to the very ONE thing your prospecting clients want.
  • Get first-hand experience with my job application and witness how a client responded to a Live application and gave me an offer within 5 minutes inside the training… You must see this for yourself
  • How to Keep up and follow up with clients until they give you an offer.
  • Multiple Live applications on different platforms until you cannot forget how to do it.
  • How to get interested clients from various freelancing websites with just ONE process that works.
  • How to build your own prospecting list and follow up with tenacity and persistence.
  • How to negotiate with a client – even after they know you’re Nigerian/African – without being blindsided, cheated or scammed for this.
  • How to keep track of your work using productive tools to provide that needed *professionalism* with a high level of quality work delivered/
  • Get the one-stop tool shop for contract and invoice agreement templates that will blow the minds of even the best lawyers and how to fashion this contract based on your negotiating tactics
  • How to get paid even if you don’t have a PayPal address and you live in Nigeria, explore the different payment options and terms available to secure your cash from Nigeria.

This training is 3 hours packed with intelligent content and so much more than you need to get started and get international clients from Nigeria.

It covers everything from mindset, to process, step by step method, resources, and support.

The training costs N50,000

Which is about $130 dollars

Hell… One client will easily pay for it.

In fact, just write one article for listverse.com here and that will pay for this training fee.

There’s so much for you to gain.

Imagine your monthly income becoming your tithe.

Imagine the possibilities that you are missing out on right now.

$1 to N360 naira could work for you.

And this training is meant to guide you through.

What do you say?

Are you in?