Instagram content asset management

If you have to rely on motivational posts and giveaways to grow your Instagram account, then I’m afraid you risk gaining followers and not true fans that will purchase your product/service.

There’s nothing wrong with these tactics, we do them too, and to grow your account in the early days, you might need to use follow/unfollow, Likes & Comments, Giveaways, and bots, these are all short-term strategies.

But in the long run, what you need is not “followers” but true fans deeply interested in your product/service, people who can purchase from you and people who want what you’re selling.

That’s why we leverage on building unique content assets on Instagram with the objective of driving Brand Resonance. We want people to tie your content to a particular result, and it’s that result that will make them true fans of your product.

People don’t buy Ralph Lauren because they want to wear clothes, they buy Ralph Lauren because of *Magical Experiences* the clothes create, higher-status, class, etc.

What results do your Products/Services create?

Our goal is to tie your content to that result… until it resounds all over your Instagram account.

Get started today with building your Unique Content Asset with Books Nigeria.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • This service costs – ₦100, 000 per month.
  • Guaranteed 500 new followers per month
  • Targeted followers in your niche
  • Direction for content creation that will grow brand resonance
  • Increase in Post engagement
  • Increase in post visibility
  • Increase in profile visits
  • Projected 6000 new followers in 6 months



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