Nigerian Companies Still Need Social Media Manager

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful ways to create brand resonance today. Companies are selling results not products and services, people buy products because of what they can do for them.


When this is executed properly social media can serve as an excellent tool to build unique content that anticipates the results in the minds of a consumer and lays it out through content, graphics, videos and copywriting.


This is no job for a novice to carry out and it requires an expert who understands what kind of content will separate your company from the competition and build a proper connection between your brand and your customers. Achieving brand resonance and brand authority requires a detailed social media plan and a social media manager that can bring your social pages to life.

According to Hubspot, 90% of marketers all agree that social media has created more exposure for their business and 92% of marketers consider social media to be important. Social media marketing cannot be avoided, 66% of marketers agree that spending at least 6 hours a week on social media marketing generated more leads for their business.


It’s not enough to be in the game and set up your social accounts, posting regularly and believe that’s enough to create significant impact and brand resonance on your social audience. There’s a great deal of dedication, skill and expertise that comes with being successful on social media.

Having a social media manager on your team is important; they will manage your brand on all social platforms.


Here are five reasons why you need a social media manager.


Creating Posts that Drive Traffic


Social traffic is a significant channel that your brand can capitalize on. A report conducted by shareaholic.com showed social media to be the number one driving force of a website’s referral traffic, driving upwards of 31% referral traffic to websites.


HubSpot noted that content consumption on Facebook alone has increased by 57% over the past two years. There’s a growth rate of users that are present on social platforms and for a brand, having access to this amount of people will only help you increase the traffic of your website.

A brand new website that has very little traction on the search engine might not get noticed for new posts, but a good social media manager knows how to distribute content across various social platforms and drive traffic back to the webpage.


One of the job requirements of a social media manager is to build a targeted audience that is identical with your buying persona and customer avatar, this means that traffic coming from your social page is not just random people but a very targeted audience that is interested in your brand.


Gather Data on Your Audience


When done right social media can be the perfect tool to acquire data about your products and services from your audience. Your social media manager understands how to gather information on consumer behaviours and insights such as:


  • What are people interested in?
  • What do they like to buy?
  • What kind of content are they most interested in?
  • What resonates with them strongly?
  • What websites are they visiting?


With such knowledge about your audience, your social media manager can create the results your audience anticipates from your brand through unique content, you know the kind of content to create that will match their taste and you can build an engaging brand around these insights.


Gathering data from social media can also help to strengthen company objectives and modify strategies if need be. Some brands use surveys and quizzes to gather relevant information about their products and services and use these insights to refine their product strategy.


Creating deeper relationships, connections and Networking


Most companies view social media as a place to dump their product descriptions, product offers and sales pitches with a mixture of inspirational quotes. Simply put, these companies have decided to take the lazy approach to social media marketing with no plan to build a connection with their audience.


But social media has a greater purpose for a social media manager, who understands that brand resonance cannot be created by posting motivational posts and dumping sales offers, discounts and coupons on your Facebook page.

Social media managers understand that creating unique content requires a detailed plan, requires consistency and financial investment to provide value to your audience on social media.


Customers don’t want to be pitched on social media, they want to connect and engage with the stories and content they find interesting. Social media managers understand the importance of storytelling and copywriting to the success of your social network.

This approach will bring in a lot of brand awareness and exposure, this would lead to interest and lead generation for your product and service, leads will become followers who buy your products and finally at the end of the cycle they become brand evangelists that promote your brand to their own social network.

Social Media Advertising


These social platforms offer a wide range of benefits to reach your customer through advertising. They can fast-track the growth of your company while allowing brands the opportunity to target their potential customer with laser targeting and to position, their sales offer to match the needs of their customer.


When done right, social media advertising can be a profitable funnel that leads to more revenue, profitability and growth of the company, when done wrong, it can be the fastest way to lose money and waste resources.


That’s why you need an expert managing your social media advertising to tap into the targeting opportunities and create adverts that convert and lead to sales.

A good social media manager understands how to tap into retargeting options to track behaviours of your customers on your website and ads and these are all information that you can use to create better campaigns over time.

Better Customer Service


According to SocialMediaToday, 67% of consumers now use social media to seek out a resolution for issues. People expect that your brand be responsive on social media and they expect a quick solution to their issues, it is non-negotiable today.


Part of the requirements of a social media manager is to be able to answer to customer complaints and provide solutions to issues with faster response time. Studies have shown that customers are willing to pay for companies to respond to their requests faster. Quicker response time will elevate your brand’s presence; keep your customers happy and a positive image of your brand in the public eyes.



Proper execution on social media can just be the competitive edge that you gain over your competition this week, but in order for you to achieve that, you need a social media manager who can grow your brand on social media, create the right content that generates brand resonance and dominate your competition until you achieve brand authority and top of mind awareness


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